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What is the Best Way to Kill Bed Bugs?

April 17, 2023 Trio Pest Control Bed Bugs

Bed bugs travel with relative ease and can find their way into even the cleanest environments. These parasites are resilient and have great instinctual survival skills. For these reasons, you may wonder what is the best way to kill bed bugs once and for all.

Professional Treatments

Heat treatment is one of the most effective methods for treating bed bugs. These bugs cannot survived when exposed to high heat, making it a fast and efficient way to get rid of them in your home. GreenTech Heat Solutions is a professional-grade bed bug treatment that is eco-friendly and non-toxic to you and your family. Using thermal technology, heat is sent throughout the building to kill the bugs and their eggs. An expert using this technology can safely and effectively stop the life cycle of bed bugs to ensure your home is once again bug-free.

Chemical treatments are also widely used to combat bed bugs in homes and businesses. Pesticides can be used in walls, crevices and on upholstery. Be sure to check with your professional to ensure the products used are safe for members of your family, including pets, if you choose to go this route. Depending on the company, several visits may need to occur to fully contain the outbreak and ensure bed bugs will not return.

Do-It-Yourself Options

If your issue is limited or you want to attempt to eradicate the bugs on your own before calling a professional, there are some measures you can take to contain the outbreak.

  • Thoroughly wash all bedding in hot water and dry on high heat to kill any pests.
  • Vacuum all crevices and seams of your mattress and the surrounding carpeted areas frequently.
  • Use a mattress enclosure that will seal up any bugs remaining in your mattress. This prevents bugs from entering or exiting the mattress. Bugs can live for up to a year, so this measure will ensure they will die as long as the mattress remains sealed.
  • Check outlets, baseboards, cracks in the wall and objects in the infected area thoroughly for any signs of bugs.
  • If you use retail pesticides to treat the bed bugs, make sure to follow the instructions on the label carefully and ensure they are safe for use around your family. Use extra precautions to check labels when treating mattresses and bedding.

At Trio Pest Control, we believe in the safety of our services and effectiveness of each treatment plan. For that reason, we use GreenTech Heat Solutions to resolve bed bug infestations and kill bed bugs for good. Our professionals can check all areas of your home and provide accurate quotes with a detailed plan of action to ensure this problem is resolved. We provide a full spectrum of care from consultation to full eradications and will keep working until the job is done. Contact us today if you would like more information about how Trio can restore the peace and comfort of your home.