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Ants can be a problem to eliminate. Especially when they get loose in your kitchen or bathroom. The only way to really solve an ant problem is to eliminate the colony. If you see ants trailing along, give us a call to get rid of them.

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Stop Ants Before They Spread

Greenfield Ant Control

We Can Take Care of Ant Infestations

Most people don’t have the same reaction to ants as they do to cockroaches or termites, but this doesn’t mean they’re anymore welcome in anyone’s home. Ants are pests that attack by the thousands, and the only courtesy they seem to have is a predictable pathway between their colony and their target.

Ant infestations often occur where food is stored, cooked, or disposed of. This means anything from a kitchen to a pantry, trash bins, garage, or basement is liable to become a target, and ants may travel through other parts of your home to get there. When consumer sprays and bait traps don’t seem to work, it’s time to call the experts at Trio Pest Control for help. We can provide Greenfield with professional ant control services to help you eradicate these pests from your home.

If it's time to get rid of your ant problem, call Trio Pest Control today at (317) 902-8856 or connect with us online to request a service.

How Did I Get Ants?

When anyone gets ants, the first thing they want to figure out is how it happened. One of the good things about ants is that they aren’t much of an enigma – when they’re in your home, it’s because they think they found something good to feed their colony. This is why most ant attacks happen in the kitchen or where food is stored and used. Even your pet’s food, when left out, can become a target.

Sometimes, though, the reason for an infestation isn’t clear. You may just see them marching around your house without even being able to access the location where the ants are trying to get to. In this case, not knowing what the ants are going after can be a serious concern to address as soon as possible.

Are Ants a Serious Problem?

Most ant infestations are a nuisance, and they are a danger, but that’s not to say there aren’t some considerations to consider. Like cockroaches, some ants carry bacteria on their bodies and can spread it onto everything that they crawl upon. Not many species are known for transmitting disease, but it’s not worth the risk when these insects find their way into food, kitchen, and pantry areas.

Although not as problematic as termites, carpenter ants love to nest in wood and chew caverns through it to get from here to there. If you have carpenter ants, pavement ants or citronella ants in your backyard or in your home, you’ll definitely want to get rid of them especially if you have children or pets.

Signs I Have Ants

Any sort of pest problem is never a fun one to experience. It can be tough to notice certain pest infestations, but pests like mice and roaches have more obvious signs to see. But, spotting an ant problem can be a bit more tricky. Below we have three signs to look for in order to know when you suspect you have an ant problem.

  • Sawdust Trails - If you notice a small trail of sawdust in your home, it isn't a random coincidence of dirt in your home. Carpenter ants will eat away at wooden beams, floorboards, and even wood flooring. When they do this, they leave behind a small trail of sawdust.
  • Piles of Soil or Dirt - In addition to sawdust trails, if you notice in your garden or backyard a pile of soil or dirt, it's most likely an anthill. This goes double for your normally very well-trimmed perfect grass; if there is a dirt mound on top of it, it's very much a sign you have ants.
  • See Some Ants - This may seem like an obvious sign of if you have ants, but if you notice a trail of ants in your home or going up your home's walls, you may want to check around and see where they are coming from.

Professional Ant Control in Greenfield

There are many ways to deal with an ant infestation, and each is different depending on the species of ant involved and where the infestation is occurring. Our expert Greenfield ant exterminators at Trio Pest Control know which methods will work on the type of ants attacking your home and how to use them so you can be rid of your ant problem. We also provide comprehensive commercial pest control services!

Not all species of ants respond to every kind of control method. This is often a variable most people don’t think to consider when they purchase sprays and baits to deal with their pest problem. When you call our Greenfield ant control team for help, you’re not only benefiting from our access to high-quality materials and tools to kill your ants but from our knowledge of what will be the most efficient and effective way to do so.

If you want to learn more about how Trio Pest Control can help you with your ant problem, please contact us online or call (317) 902-8856 today.

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PEST BASIC program


Trio’s year-round protection! 1 annual treatment year-round. Common Pests: ants, flies, small flies (Gnats), stink bugs, centipedes, millipedes, sow bugs, spiders, silverfish, food infesting insects, moths- indian, meal moth, grain beetle.

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At Trio, we care about our Greenfield environment and the impact our services can have on our local community. We are proud to use some of the most eco-friendly green products available on the market. Ask us about our green services to discuss the options available.

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