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Bed bugs are rising, and these nuisances plague many homes across the country. They hide in small crevices and can be incredibly difficult to eliminate.

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Stop Bed Bug Colonies

Fishers Bed Bug Pest Control

Get rid of these pests once and for all with Trio Pest Control. Based in Fishers, we provide professional bed bug control services to customers across Central Indiana. We have more than 20 years of industry experience in pest, rodent, and bug removal and utilize the latest treatment methods to properly remove and contain the recurrence of bed bugs and keep Indiana residences safe and secure.

Do You Have Bed Bug Questions?

Q: Where Do Bed Bugs Come From?

A: Oftentimes, they find their way into homes through luggage, backpacks, and used furniture, but they can come from just about anywhere there is a human presence and even spread between apartment units or other parts of a single building.

Q: Where Can Bed Bugs Hide?

A: The mattress seams and box springs of a bed are the first places bed bugs are likely to hide. However, they can also be found throughout the home in various cracks and crevices, including wallpaper, baseboards, upholstery, furniture cushions, electrical outlets, and dresser drawers.

Q: Are Bed Bugs in Every Bed?

A: No. Bed bugs are brought into the home from other locations like hotels, offices, apartments, homes, or even transportation vehicles. Our bed bug services include Heat remediation, residual product services, K-9 detection services, cracks and crevices, and entire homes, using only the safest methods. We will work until your home is free of bed bugs!

Q: How Do I Prevent Bed Bugs?

A: Bed bugs are one of the most difficult pests to get rid of. We recommend that when you travel, always check your clothing and luggage after every trip. At the first sign of a bed bug, call our professionals immediately.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed! We use only the safest methods that are not harmful to you and your pets.

Signs of Bedbugs

When it comes to identifying bedbugs, there are several telltale signs that suggest you may be dealing with an infestation. For one thing, bedbugs leave visible bite marks and clusters of red spots on exposed skin, making them relatively easy to spot. Additionally, the presence of rust-colored stains on sheets or other fabrics is a clear indicator of bedbug activity. Finally, if you notice adolescents or adult bed bugs the size of a sesame seed to an apple seed when you inspect your mattress and other areas where bed bugs tend to congregate, then there is a good chance that you have a problem. In order to confirm your suspicions and get rid of these nasty pests once and for all, it is important to consult a professional pest control specialist as soon as possible. With the right treatment plan in place, you can banish those pesky bedbugs for good!

How Trio Pest Control Treats Bed Bugs

One of the most effective methods for treating bed bugs is heat treatment. Heat treatments are the fastest and most efficient method for killing and removing bed bugs from your home because they cannot survive when exposed to temperatures of 113°F or higher. At Trio Pest Control, our Fishers bed bug removal experts work hard to stay up to date with the latest innovations in bed bug extermination. We use GreenTech Heat Solutions, a professional-grade bed bug treatment.

Heat treatments are beautiful because they are eco-friendly and non-toxic to you, your family, and your pets. This unique treatment uses state-of-the-art thermal technology. Heat is sent throughout your home or business (or a specific, enclosed area), killing bed bugs and their eggs. Though this treatment is non-toxic, a professional should always perform it, as the equipment can be dangerous if not handled correctly.

We also offer residual product services and K-9 inspections! In addition, we always treat the cracks and crevices and can handle bed bug eradication throughout your home.

What do you do if you have bed bugs?

1. Take a deep breath. I, like everyone else, run to the internet when I have something wrong going on that I have never dealt with before. In most instances, it’s a coin flip whether or not what you read provides comfort or makes you completely freak out.

2. Don’t go out and buy whatever bug spray you see first and go crazy in your house! I respect that not everyone can afford a professional to handle the situation and that DIY may be your only option. I only ask that you do some research so you know what to do and where to apply whatever you buy and PLEASE follow the label directions. All I ask is that you realize that running out and buying pesticide and spraying blindly in your house is like knowing your transmission has a problem in your car and taking a screwdriver and hammer and trying to fix the issue with no knowledge of cars and transmissions.

3. Even if you can’t afford it I would contact a knowledgeable pest control company. It can’t hurt to have someone who knows what they are doing come out and evaluate the situation and quote the job. Even if you know you can’t afford it you may get additional information on what you need to know to handle it yourself…..and you never know, maybe the price they provide will surprise you and you’ll figure out how to afford it.

4. Here are many different non-chemical options available that can help the situation. Bed encasements will lock bugs into the bed and salvage your bedding. Encasements will also keep any other bed bugs on the outside of the encasement, which makes them easy to see and address. Interception devices and monitors will not only help you determine if you have a problem but will also catch bugs and help you get rid of a problem. The bottom line is that you can devastate most bed bug infestations without even touching a pesticide.

5. If you have itchy welts or other issues associated with bed bugs (or you think are associated with bed bugs), see your doctor. Nobody should be giving you health advice other than your doctor, and whether it’s itchy welts, trouble sleeping, or constant nightmares, you should visit your doctor and ask for their advice.

6. Have confidence that you can get rid of this in a timely manner. It’s always best to involve a knowledgeable professional, which should be the best way to get rid of them quickly. Yes, it may take a few treatments to get every last bug, and between now and elimination, there may be some rough moments.

Our Fishers bed bug control services include:

  • Heat Remediation
  • Residual product service
  • K-9 detection services
  • Cracks and crevices
  • Entire homes

While our residual product service can take several months, we use the most effective products in our arsenal to eradicate your bed bug infestation as soon as possible. We will work until your home is free of bed bugs! We also provide expert commercial pest control! Make sure to check out our reviews!


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