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Bed Bug Activity is on the rise in Greenfield. We strongly recommend a prompt service call to a professional should you suspect that you may have bedbugs. Read on for more information.

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Don't Let Bed Bugs Multiply!

Greenfield Bed Bug Exterminator

Get Rid of Bed Bugs for Good with Help from Trio Pest Control

Bed bugs are notoriously difficult to eradicate. In addition to being very small, they can also go for months without a food source. If you suspect you have bed bugs, you want to work with an experienced pest control technician specializing in bed bug treatments. Trio Pest Control is just such a pest control company. Our Greenfield bed bug exterminators utilize a variety of treatment methods to ensure that your problem is thoroughly resolved. We have over 20 years of experience in the pest control industry. Our goal is to make your house feel like home again.

Did you see a bed bug? Call the best exterminator around. Contact Trio Pest Control at (317) 902-8856 for expert bed bug control in Greenfield.

Do You Have Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are small insects that are oval, brown, and cannot fly. They are often mistaken for ticks, but two primary differences are that ticks have eight legs whereas bed bugs have six, and bed bugs tend to be flat whereas ticks are more rounded. You are most likely to find bed bugs, as the name implies, in your bedroom. They often hide around the seams of mattresses and box springs. You may also find them around picture frames, headboards, and even inside electrical sockets.

Signs that you have bed bugs include:

  • You are experiencing bites at night on your arms, legs, hands, feet, and other exposed areas
  • There are rust-colored stains on your sheets and pillows
  • You see discarded skins or bed bug eggs
  • There are dark stains of bed bug feces in the creases of your mattress and box springs
  • There is an oily, greasy smell in your bedroom that is unexplained

If you see a bed bug, there is an excellent chance there are more. If you suspect you have bed bugs, you should contact Trio Pest Control right away. These insects are very invasive and difficult to exterminate. The sooner you call, the better.

K-9 Detection Service for Bed Bugs

If you are unsure whether you see signs of bed bugs, don't be afraid to ask for help! Because bed bugs are extremely good at staying hidden, a visual inspection of your home, even by a professional, is only about 40% accurate. A K-9 inspection performed by Geiger and his human Jim is about 95% accurate. Canines, like Geiger, will sniff out bed bug pheromones and sit to alert their human of the bed bugs' location. At Trio Pest Control, we offer all clients a free K9 follow-up clearance inspection 10-14 days after the heat service is complete.

At Trio Pest Control, we aim to provide peace of mind knowing that your home or business is safe and healthy for those you care about most! If you're interested in scheduling a visit with Geiger and Jim, give us a call today!

Heat Treatment: The Fastest, Most Efficient Bed Bug Removal Technology

Trio Pest Control is always on the cutting edge of pest control treatment. We are proud to use GreenTech Heat Solutions, a leader in professional-grade removal of bed bugs and other insects. This technology is one of the fastest and most effective ways to eradicate bed bugs. It is also eco-friendly and non-toxic to humans.

How Does It Work?

Using state-of-the-art thermal technology, heat is transferred throughout a building or enclosure and kills the bed bugs and their eggs. Exposure to temperatures 120°F or warmer kills bed bugs and their eggs in less than a minute. The heat can also destroy bacteria and viruses as well. The best part of this technology is that it is a safe and effective way to control bed bugs.

Never Try Heat Treatment Without Supervision

We strongly discourage any DIY efforts at heat treatment. We have heard of people renting heaters and using propane as a fuel source. Without the right equipment and safeguards, people who do this are vulnerable to fire, explosion, severe burns, and destruction of property. Needless to say, this is something we never recommend.

Monitoring the Heat Treatment Process

As we heat the inside of the home to 120°F, we use monitors to assess the warming process. The monitors help us to ensure that every area of the home is getting sufficient heat so that every bed bug is killed. In terms of duration, heat treatment should last for a minimum of 2 hours and, ideally, 3-4 hours.

Aside from heat treatments, our other bed bug extermination methods include:

  • Residual product service
  • K-9 Detection
  • Treatment of cracks and crevices
  • Entire-home bed bug eradication

We Have a 90-Day Guarantee

If you are concerned about bed bugs, you should schedule an inspection. At Trio Pest Control, we are proud to offer residents in Greenfield K-9 bed bug inspections. The use of dogs to inspect for bed bugs is particularly useful. Specially trained dogs identify bed bugs by scent, so even if they hide well, the dogs will still detect and alert us to the presence of bed bugs.

At Trio Pest Control, our concern is your comfort and safety. Our Greenfield bed bug treatment specialists are extensively trained and experienced in handling even the worst infestations. We also know how stressful it is to discover that you have bed bugs. Many people are embarrassed, but you shouldn’t be. Instead, call our caring exterminators for fast, friendly bed bug removal.

Got a pest? Forget the rest; call the best! Contact Trio Pest Control at (317) 902-8856.

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