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If you have a problem with cockroaches, don't wait until it's too late. We are very familiar with this common pest. The Indianapolis roach is good at hiding and they multiply very quickly. If you suspect a roach problem, call us today.

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Roaches Multiply Fast, Don’t Let Them Takeover!

Indianapolis Roach Control

Exterminating Cockroaches Quickly & Completely

People have all different types of comfort levels around bugs, but pretty much no one likes cockroaches. These types of instincts can cause a variety or problems for homeowners, in addition to just being an off-putting nuisance. For instance, did you know that cockroaches spread bacteria that is extremely difficult to remove? This in turn causes problems for your indoor air quality and may worsen symptoms for allergy sufferers. If you think you may be experiencing a roach problem, don't just search, "Roach exterminator near me", give us a call today!

If you or someone you know is dealing with a cockroach problem, call an Indianapolis cockroach exterminator at Trio Pest Control ASAP. We provide pest control services designed to get rid of infestations quickly and comprehensively, all at an affordable price. We not only provide expert roach control but also bed bug and even rodent control.

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Cockroaches 101

While there are several types of cockroaches in the United States, the most common types in Indiana are the logically named American cockroach, aka Periplaneta Americana, as well as the German cockroach, aka Blantella germanica. American cockroaches are the larger of the 2 species, often reaching up to an inch and a half in length. German cockroaches, meanwhile are typically much smaller, usually measuring under an inch long. German cockroaches have a dark brown color, while American ones are a shade of reddish-brown. Both breeds populate in warm, moist areas, the difference is that German cockroaches are generally found in kitchens, while American cockroaches often come up through drains and pipes, so you may see them in your bathroom, too. American cockroaches also live longer—up to 2 years or more—and are capable of flight.

In addition to spreading disease through bacteria and fecal matter, both these species reproduce extremely quickly, leading to greater chances of infestation. As an unfortunate rule of thumb, chances are if you’ve seen one cockroach, there are more nearby. We also service businesses and commercial buildings!

Signs You May Be Dealing with a Cockroach Infestation

Because cockroaches can crawl through virtually any type of crack or crevice, they may invade your home through windows, walls, doors, and vents. As mentioned above, it is also not uncommon for American cockroaches to come through your sewer pipes and drains. Roaches are drawn to dirt and waste, so keeping your home clean and free of food debris is the best way to deter their presence. However, sometimes even a clean home can experience a cockroach infestation.

You may have a cockroach problem if:

  • You find black droppings that look like little cylinders in drawers and closets -If you noticed cockroach droppings, it's a pretty clear sign that you may be facing an infestation. Contact us as soon as you notice these.
  • Your home is filled with stale or oily smells -Strange odors in your home could be due to cockroaches in your home. The smell comes from pheromones they leave behind in their droppings. It often resembles the smell of must or oil.
  • You discover egg cases in corners or under furniture -Egg capsules are called oothecae and just one of the eggs can hold up to 30 nymphs. If you notice these capsule like eggs it's possible you are dealing with an infestation and should contact us immediately.
  • Shedded Skin -Cockroaches go through several different lifecycles and have to shed their skin each time. As they get bigger they have to molt away the exterior skin to fit into their new one. If you notice these shells lying around in your home, this is a clear sign you have roaches.
  • Living Roaches -Another sure sign that you have roaches is if you see a live roach in your home. If you turn on a bathroom light and a live roach scurries away to their hiding spot, you should probably contact us as soon as possible.

What Do Cockroach Eggs Look Like?

Cockroach eggs are small, oval-shaped structures that typically measure about 0.4 inches in length. These eggs have a color ranging from yellowish-gray to dark brown and are actually a case called the ootheca that contains the actual eggs. They can be straight across or curled into a C shape. Because they are so well protected, cockroach eggs can be quite resilient, often remaining viable even when left out in the open for months. They are deposited alone and left unguarded. Ultimately, the appearance of cockroach eggs can vary greatly depending on the species in question, but all of them share these common characteristics that help to distinguish them from other egg types.

We're Here to Help!

Don’t accept cockroaches as your new roommates! Call our Indianapolis cockroach exterminators today at Trio Pest Control to rid your house of roaches from top to bottom. Take a look at our 5-star reviews! We provide free estimates, so you never have to worry about committing to service until you are completely comfortable, and with our 90-day guarantee, you’re ensured a follow-up visit in the rare case not all pests are fully eliminated. Same-day and 24/7 emergency appointments are also available, so you can always reach our Indianapolis pest removal pros when you need them most. Call now if you are a first-time customer to get 10% off, and experience service that’s been satisfying customers in Indianapolis and beyond for over 20 years.

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