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What is Mouse Exclusion for Your Home?

February 13, 2023 Trio Pest Control Rodent Control

There are two sides to rodent control. One side deals with eliminating a current rodent infestation by a professional pest control company. The other side is called mouse exclusion, which is basically rodent-proofing your home. Preventing rats and mice from getting inside will guarantee you won’t have damage to  bedding, wires, and woodwork throughout your home from rodents gnawing and nesting in your belongings. If you have ever suffered through a rodent infestation or want to make sure you never have to, preventing rodents like rats and mice from coming into your home in the first place is key. There are ways to make your house less appealing to rodents, but mouse exclusion mainly deals with blocking entry points into your home. 

Mouse Exclusion

As a homeowner, you can rodent-proof your own home by looking around the exterior for any cracks or holes. But calling in a professional pest control service will work to thoroughly seal up every tiny space that could allow mice to get inside. Mice can get through the tiniest spaces that are ¼ of an inch or bigger. Stopping mice from coming in may include doing repairs to the exterior of your property  like:

  • Inspect and repair any holes or damage found on the roof, facia, and soffit 
  • Replace any damaged weather stripping or door sweeps on all exterior doors
  • Repair any broken windows or windows that are stuck slightly open
  • Seal holes and cracks on the outside of the house, take special note around utility and pipe entries into the home
  • Put screens on outdoor vents or even over the chimney

Don’t Let Your Home Attract Mice

Rodents not only want a warm, dry place to live, they also want easy access to food. A few tips that will prevent rodents from wanting to come to your house for a meal are:

  • Sweep after each meal
  • Wipe down all kitchen surfaces with a multipurpose cleaner
  • Put all food packaging in to the trash after use
  • Promptly take the trash when full out to an outside garbage bin that has a lid
  • Keep all pantry items in airtight container

Allowing a professional pest control company to rodent-proof your home will make sure every tiny space is blocked so mice can't just waltz into your kitchen.  Pest control professionals like Trio Pest Control will make your rodent problem a thing of the past. Once your home is mouse free, continuing to practice good prevention habits will help ensure that the rodents never make their way back into your home.

For Indianapolis homeowners needing help with a rodent infestation or simply want to make sure one never starts, give Trio Pest Control a call today.